Management software for Yoga Instructor

Appointment Scheduling, Medical Records, Finance, Billing & Payments.
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Safe and extremely easy to use in cloud software

Multi users Medical Software multi resource, multi room and multi platform. Beebeedoc is the all-in-one software with all the features dedicated to Yoga and Pilates Instructor

Perform remote sessions with the integrated system

With Beebeeboard and LiviConnect you have the possibility to connect remotely with your client. Do not miss any appointment and keep up with your courses!
Livi Connect is a platform that enables professionals across the globe to see and treat their patients remotely by video. This initiative has been launched to help tackle the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).
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Offers something more to your patients

Integrates the Online Booking service and allow your patients to book online!
  • Manage your availability and what to sell online
  • Connect it into your website or share the link on social media
  • Receive booking and decide weather you prefer up-front payments or in-studio payments
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...What else?

At your disposal a series of services dedicated to work management. Forget the boring chores and concentrate on what’s really worth, we’ll take care of the rest. Join Beebeeboard, for you:
  • Speed up
  • Simplify
  • Integrates
  • Personalize

24/7 Assistance

Il Team di Beebeeboard è sempre pronto ad aiutarti e a guidarti per ottenere il massimo dalla piattaforma.

Safety and Reliability

In Beebeeboard i tuoi dati sono al sicuro. La piattaforma vanta un uptime annuo superiore al 99,98%!

Cloud solution

Accedi a Beebeeboard quando vuoi, dove vuoi e da qualsiasi dispositivo connesso alla rete, anche con più account.

Integrations and developing

Integra facilmente in Beebeeboard tutti i tuoi strumenti preferiti, grazie al nostro sistema aperto potrai aggiungere molte funzionalità.

Lo yoga ci insegna a modificare ciò che non può essere accettato… e ad accettare ciò che non può essere modificato

Still not sure that Beebeeboard is what you are looking for?

Here below some tips to help you choosing a medical management software

Does it have all the features I need?

We would say yes!  Just make sure the things you know you need, are handled by the system you choose, and Beebeeboard has multiple functions.

Wow, it really does have everything, but is it easy to use?

Yes, of course, like every platform it does need a bit of practice. Beebeeboard is user friendly and in no time you’ll be able to work and automatize many operations.

How flexible is the software? Does it allow customization?

First let’s see together all the functions already available, we are open, however to suggestion and improvement.

Can I connect it to other applications I already use?

Evaluate the integration potential of the software you choose, tomorrow you may need to connect it to other applications, so be wary of rigidity of closed software.

Prices simple and tailored to your clinic size.

Can you find simpler, more honest and cheaper prices than ours?

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