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Are you an Health professional? You are in the right place, check what Beebeeboard can offer!

Spend more time with your patient, automatize all those operations that are slowing you down today. Digital Medical Records, Agenda appointments always available, billling and privacy consent form? Everything can be easier!

No more missed appointments

Allow your patients to confirm or cancel an appointment

With the automatic reminders, your patients will be notified in time, before the appointment.

Allow them to confirm or reschedule in the comfort of their home, in case of cancellation you’ll have the possibility to substitute with another patient and don’t miss any bookings.

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Send invoices to the STS system

With only one click you can send hundred of invoices

Don’t pay other services to send the invoices to the STS system, and do not waste time by doing it manually in thei official website. You can send them with just a click

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Pre-compiled privacy forms

Become paperless and start signing all documents digitally

Speed up some procedures such as consent forms and privacy files. Upload custom templates that will automatically compile with patient data.

With the electronic service signature you can sign all documents on a tablet and make the studio paperless!
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Booking directly from your website

A personalized page, immediately ready and usable

With the Online Booking system you’ll have a dedicated web page that you can link to your website, social media pages or share via email. Allow your patients to book directly online, any time and anywhere!

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Advantages are not limited to the features!

At your disposal you'll have a series of services dedicated to job management. Forget about boring chores and focus on what really matters, we'll take care of the rest.
Join Beebeeboard if you want to:
  • Speed up
  • Simplify
  • Incorporate
  • Personalize

24/7 assistance

Our Team is always available to help and guide you to better understand and optimize the platform

Safety and Reliability

In Beebeeboard all your data are safe. Our platform boasts an annual up time of over 99.98%!

You are in Cloud

Login in Beebeeboard when you want, where you want and from any device connected to the network, even with multiple accounts at the same time.

Integration and development

Easily incorporate Beebeeboard with all your preferred tools, thanks to our open system you can integrate multiple features.

Customization based on different healthcare profession

Each healthcare department has special needs, especially in regards of the Digital Medical Record.
Find out more details about your specialization!
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