Medical records management for medical practices and clinics

Build and customize medical records, upload files and photos and work directly on them

A smart way to manage all your medical cards and records

Create, personalize and build evaluative sheets, subdivide by category, compile or draw by hand on images
Medical Reports
Smart, evolved and customizable clinical report tailored for you! You decide what to fill out and when, or if you prefer to work with images or to take notes, you can easily use a tablet or a smartphone
  • Multi-level medical records
  • Customizable Body Chart
  • Draw or take notes directly over a real photo
  • Print a medical card record for your patient






Medical records


Assessments and treatments


How many medical records can I create?

There are no limits, however we do recommend to organize them very well, in order to spend less time when you fill them up

Are the body chart customizable?

Yes, we uploaded some default images based on your specialization but you can upload personalized pictures or files

Are sensitive patient data safe?

Yes, of course, our entire platform complies with the European GDPR, the data resides on Amazon serves in Frankfurt, therefore whitin the European Union

Can I upload medical reports or other files?

Of course yes, you can upload files and documents in every patients sheet, and organize them inside different case report

What type of fields can be added in the clinical records?

Any type of field actually..the choice will be based on the device used !

For example if you work with a desktop device you may find easier to work with text fields maybe repeated, if you use a tablet or smartphone you may find easy to work with slide fields. 

What does it mean multidisciplinary medical record?

For clinics with multiple and different practitioner it would be very useful to fill out a single file of the clinical case but with different assessment.


The solution for independent doctor


For different specialists who share the working environment


For more complex clinical structures with different professionals

Prices simple and tailored to your clinic size.

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