Manage all your client's data in a secure and organized way

All your patients information readily available!
Personal information, medical records, appointments, invoicing and accounting

Customize your patients medical records

Follow the evolution of your patients over time by consulting their clinical history
Patients medical record
All your client's information always available and organized. Take notes, scan and upload file and many other features
  • Multidisciplinary approach
  • Report alert
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Get in touch with your patients






Medical records


Medical assessments and treatments


What do you mean with custom field client's information?

In every patient’s card, you’ll find the classic personal information but you also have the possibility to add as many custom field as you need.

Does Beebeeboard provide privacy information forms?

No, Beebeeboard doesn’t provide any privacy information form; every medical studio have different request and/ or situation and a standard form wouldn’t be suitable for everyone. What we can do, is to schedule a privacy consultation meeting to see how to create and fill out information based on your studio’s needs.

So what do you mean with pre-filled privacy form?

It means that with Beebeeboard is possible to set up different forms (privacy, informed consent, etc.) and the software will fill in automatically the personal information based on each different patients All you have to do it print the form or sign in digitally.

Does the data and the way it is processed comply with the GDPR?

Yes, of course, the entire software platform is compliant with the European GDPR, the data is stored on Amazon Servers in Frankfurt, therefore within the EU

Can I contact my patients through Beebeeboard?

Yes, with our software you can contact clients directly via email or SMS

Do you provide the health card reader?

If you need, yes! but usually we can send you the link so you can decide which one and how many  to buy


The solution for independent doctor


For different specialists who share the working environment


For more complex clinical structures with different professionals

Prices simple and tailored to your clinic size.

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