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Everything you need to manage your everyday work in a unique platform

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Send specific exercise program to your patients

Integrate Physitrack service and send exercise program to your patient directly in their app.

  • Over 5000 narrated exercise videos for prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Rating scales with programmed or instant sending.
  • Free multi language app for your patients.
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The vantages are unlimited

At your disposal you'll have a series of services dedicated to job management. Forget about boring chores and focus on what really matters, we'll take care of the rest.
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In Beebeeboard all your data are safe. Our platform boasts an annual up time of over 99.98%!

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Login in Beebeeboard when you want, where you want and from any device connected to the network, even with multiple accounts at the same time

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Easily incorporate Beebeeboard with all your preferred tools, thanks to our open system you can integrate multiple features.

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