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How do I send invoices to the STS System?

With Beebeeboard you can easily send all your invoices directly from the platform, you can select a single invoice or make a multiple selection and send them all together with an easy click

How can I correct an invoice sent to the ts system?

Directly from the area dedicated to the TS system, selecting the invoice in question, and selecting the Variation operation

How can I see the invoices sent to the STS system?

You will always have the receipt and the relative protocol number of the transmission available. A report will allow you to always quickly see how many and which invoices have been sent

Who has to send the invoice to the STS system?

In addition to the subjects obliged since 2015 (pharmacies, accredited public and private specialist structures, those enrolled in the order of surgeons and dentists) and those obliged since 2016 (structures authorized pursuant to article 8-ter of Legislative Decree 502 / 1992 and structures authorized for the retail sale of veterinary medicines pursuant to Article 70, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree 193/2006, parapharmacies, opticians, registered in the professional registers of psychologists, nurses, obstetricians, veterinarians, medical radiology health technicians), starting from 2019, the following are also required to send private health expenditure data: 

    • The structures of military health;
    • The relief pharmacy for the disabled and disabled from war and work (ANMIG);
    • Those enrolled in the register of biologists;
    • Those enrolled in the new registers of health professions established by the decree of the Ministry of Health of 13 March 2018:
    • Biomedical laboratory health technician;
    • Audiometrist technician;
    • Hearing aid technician;
    • Orthopedic technician;
    • Dietitian;
    • Neurophysiopathology technician;
    • Cardiocirculatory physiopathology and cardiovascular perfusion technician;
    • Dental hygienist;
    • Physiotherapist;
    • Speech therapist;
    • Podiatrist;
    • Orthoptist and assistant of ophthalmology;
    • Neuro and psychomotor therapist of the developmental age;
    • Psychiatric rehabilitation technician;
    • Occupational therapist;
    • Professional educator;
    • Prevention technician in the environment and in the workplace;
    • Health care assistant.

Which invoices should I send to the TS system?

It is necessary to transmit to the Health System the data on health and veterinary expenses incurred by individuals as reported on the tax document issued by the same subjects, including the tax code shown on the health card, as well as those relating to any reimbursements, for preparation of the pre-filled tax return.

What are the deadlines for the transmission of health expenditure data to the TS?

The Ministerial Decree of January 29, 2021 established that the sending of documents certifying the payment of health costs relating to the year 2021 has a six-month deadline.

By virtue of this constraint, the expense documents with payment date included in the period: 01/01/2021 – 30/06/2021 can be sent by 31/07/2021 (changes by 06/08/2021);

08/01/2021 – 12/31/2021 can be sent by 01/31/2022 (changes by 02/07/2022).

The telematic service for data transmission is in any case available 24 hours a day, so it is possible to opt for the time frequency that is deemed most appropriate (in real time, daily, monthly or half-yearly). The same provision establishes that, starting from 2022, the frequency of mailings will become monthly.


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