Triage Covid19 by phone or in presence

Allows your patients to fill in the pre triage Covid-19 by phone, tablet or PC. Check the answers and contact patients potentially at risk or whom who presents symptoms

Make sure to have a Covid Free Studio

Gather all clients information digitally and in a secure way
Pre-Triage e Triage Covid19
Send a Covid information documents to your patient by email or SMS, before they arrive in studio. Patient will self-certifies the presence or absence of symptoms, once the answers have been received the studio will evaluates whether it is necessary to postpone the appointment
  • Send the pre-triage form a few days before the appointment
  • Check and evaluate your client’s answers
  • Contact patients with symptoms
  • For patients who arrive directly in the Studio, you can fill in the Triage covid in presence


Signed Documents




Consent forms




What is the triage?

Pre-triage form allows you to know whether is safe or not to have patients in the Studio, in case someone presents symptoms you are allowed to reschedule the appointment and keep yourself  and the studio safe. Pre triage is a self-certification through which the patient certifies that he does not have the classic symptoms of the disease and it will not be possible to attribute any responsibility to the study in case of possible contagion, the patient will be responsible

What is it asked to patients in pre triage form?

In addition to the classic questions regarding the presence of potential symptoms of Covid19, in order to be able to send the form you only need to fill in name, last name and email or phone number, all the others information, such as address, health card number etc..  will be asked to your patients.

How do I notice a potentially infected patient?

Once you receive the answers, every positive one will be highlighted with a red X over the TRIAGE ALERT. It will then be up to the specialist to assess whether that patient can come to the studio or whether it is convenient to postpone the appointment or transform it into a teleconsultation.

Is the triage procedure mandatory?

At the beginning of the pandemic it was highly suggested to do it, as per today we still recommend to follow this practice not only for patients but above all to avoid the structure and the specialist from any responsibility.


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