Send successful quotes in a minute!

Forget organizing folders by month or by customer. Beebeeboard organizes all quotes for you so that you can find them whenever you need.

transform estimates in invoices

With Beebeeboard, you can transform your customer estimates into invoices ready to be sent with a click. You will save time billing and get paid faster

Create professional quotes for your customers

Create different quotes for each customer. With Beebeeboard you can define the template, deadline and any other aspect of your quotes. Customers will appreciate the professionalism and service offered while you can spend much more time on your actual work.

Send and track quotes by email

Don't just send quotes with a simple email: make sure customers receive and read it! with Beebeeboard you can track all emails in order to be sure that client read them

Clone existing quotes

You will certainly have had to make a quote similar to another. With Beebeeboard you can copy and edit only what you need in a simple click

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Can I easily turn my quotes into invoices?

Sure. With Beebeeboard you can convert your quotes into invoices with just a button. This saves you time and makes billing quick and easy.

Are my quotes safe in the cloud?

The security of your private data is our top priority, which is why it is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption, the highest standard of Internet security. Beebeeboard uses secure servers with industry-leading standards.

Do the quotes with Beebeeboard look professional?

Absolutely, they are much more professional than an invoice model made with word or excel. You can also customize the appearance of your quotes so as to combine them perfectly with your business including layouts, fonts, colors and images !.

Get started for free

less than 5 minutes to start working! At the end of the test, you will choose whether to continue using the platform or not!

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