Track and organize every expense of your company

Beebeeboard helps you organize your outings. Suitable for those who work in office or for those who are always moving. Take a photo of your receipts and categorize them once you return to the office

No more lost receipts

Stop worrying about having to remember where you put each receipt. Take a photo of a receipt, record it, and let Beebeeboard keep the information organized for you in the cloud.

Automate tax calculation

Classify your Beebeeboard expenses by tax period, make a prediction of the taxes to be paid. When you have to pay, you have all the information you need!

Check your project costs

Track your expenses with Beebeeboard means that your company will control spend for the various projects. This translates into a clear vision of the budget flows for the various projects.

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Can I use Beebeeboard to keep track of my receipts?

You can say goodbye to all your faded receipts scattered around the car. With Beebeeboard's receipt management it's simple – you can easily take a photo of a receipt and add it to a purchase.

Can I use Beebeeboard to track expesese out of the office?

No matter where you are, Beebeeboard allows you to track expenses and add purchases wherever you are.

How can Beebeeboard help me when I have to pay taxes?

Obviously to have everything organized. In a few steps you can export all the purchases of a certain period and send them to your accountant without losing even a receipt

How can I track my expenses with Beebeeboard?

The best part of Beebeeboard is keeping track of all the information from billing to expense of your company. You will have all the reports you need on the dashboard or through our detailed reports

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