See how your business is performin

Do you have enough money in your checking account for a new investment? Sometimes it can be a mystery to know the situation of your business. Avoid stress and use Beebeeboard's intuitive dashboard and reports. They are full of valuable information to show you exactly what you need, at a glance.

Detailed reports when you need them

Let Beebeeboard create the reports for you. From your Dashboard you can conveniently access important reports (such as profits and losses) and thus avoid many manual and boring calculations. You will save time and reduce stress a little.

Get ready for paying taxes

In Beebeeboard you will find everything you need to be ready for paying taxes: VAT reporting, tax schedule and deadlines.

Domande Frequenti

Can I generate a sales report?

Of course, the reports will give you easy access to all the business reports you need available on Beebeeboard.

Beebeeboard creates scrap book

Sure, you can find your scrap book in the payments section!

Can I view the cash flow?

Absolutely. With Beebeeboard it's easy to keep an eye on cash flow with a simple chart. In addition, the graph clearly and accurately shows how much your company has spent compared to what it has earned in the selected time period.

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