Schedule all your appointments

Beebeehealth is the platform for schedule your appointment. You can share your plan with other specialists or with the secretariat. When you are out of office you can use Google Calendar and sync everything. Whether you are a Physiotherapist, an Osteopath, or a Medical Clinic Beebeehealth help you save time and manage your appointments!

Appointment booking

Whether you are alone or in a studio with other specialists you can take appointments and menage your availability

Doctors, Rooms & Locations

All appointments can be associated with a specialist, a room and an electromedical. You can decide whether to see the agenda by specialists or by rooms in order to always have your best view

Google Calendar synchronization

Work with Google Calendar to be faster when you're out of the studio. We will take care of keeping your entire agenda always in sync.

Automatic reminders

Send reminders via email, sms and push notifications to your patients to remind them of the appointment well in advance

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create recursive events?

Yes, you can create recursive events that end on a certain date or after a defined number of appointments. You can edit the appointments individually or all together in one operation

Can I differentiate the colors of my appointments?

Certainly. You can associate different colors based on the treatment, the room or the operator performing the treatment.

We are more specialists can we share the same agenda?

Yes, Beebeehealth works with account roles. This means that you can decide for each specialist which information to share and which not.

We have a secretary in the office: is it possible to hide the patient's clinical data?

Obviously yes. Reservations and medical records are two separate worlds. This means that you can give the secretary the right to make appointments by viewing only the basic patient records without having access to clinical data.

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