Start immediately to settle your invoices with a credit card

Beebeeboard connects to Stripe and Paypal to process the payments of your invoices. We take no commission and all the money goes directly to your account!

Receive payments with Beebeeboard

with Beebeeboard you can make your customers pay directly by credit card and automatically record every payment in your account. It is fast, easy and safe.

No hidden fee

Providing your customers with multiple payment methods turns into speedy payments. Beebeeboard never takes any commission, everything you receive in Paypal or Stripe is equal to what you will be reclaimed

It takes just a few clicks to receive payments

Just few clicks to accept credit card payments directly to your bills. Beebeeboard connects with Stripe and Paypal in order to receive money directly into your account. Quick and easy, just as you expect.

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How online payments work?

Just like in-person purchases, customers can conveniently pay their bills using their credit card. Payment is processed by stripe or paypal and the money arrives immediately in your stripe or paypal account. From the virtual account you can at any time transfer them to your checking account! In addition, all transactions are automatically recorded in Beebeeboard

What are the online payment options accepted by Beebeeboard?

Beebeeboard does not accept payments directly, we are not yet a credit institution :-), but we connect to stripe or paypal, therefore you can accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, bank account, and much more

Are online payments safe?

Both Stripe and Paypal have data security at the top of their scale of importance.

  • All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256 encryption algorithm. The description keys are stored on separate machines.
  • The Stripe infrastructure dedicated to the storage, decoding and transmission of card numbers is performed on a separate hosting platform and does not share any credentials with the main Stripe services.

How much are the fees for online payments?

As for the commissions, we refer directly to the reference sites as Beebeeboard does not take any commission

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