All your patient in one place

With Beebeeboard you can manage your patient data: personal data, appointment schedule, medical record, invoices and account statement.

Patient list

Organiza all the information in one place. Make it easy to consult and share with your collaborators

Electronic Medical Records

Digitize all your patient health records

privacy end modules

Privacy and other modules are auto completed with patient data ready to be printed. You can personalize your template in order to have your custom graphic!

Data security

Your privacy and security are very important to us and we are committed to ensuring high standards of privacy and data security, including compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Domande Frequenti

Can I try Beebeeboard before I buy a subsription?

Yes sure! You can  sign up for the 15 day free trial. In this period you can try without limitations in the complete Beebeeboard plan. At the end of the trial period you will be free to decide whether to switch to a paid plan or to stop using the platform.

Does Beebeeboard work on MAC?

Beebeeboard is a cross-platform software, which works natively on Apple computers via the Safari browser, therefore without the need to install any programs and no emulators.

Can I request changes to the program?

Certainly we are a company specialized in software development and we can fulfill every request! Contact us to evaluate your requests and have a quote with  times and costs of implementation

Get started

Less than 5 minutes to get started. 15 days free trial. no credit card required

Find out how Beebeehealth helps you manage your medical records or organize your appointments.